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Rooster Pelleted Manure is manufactured from local sources of non-battery poultry manure.

The process entails composting the manure in our specially designed units until the manure is completely sterilised, killing all pathogens, weed seeds, salmonella etc at a temperature above 70 degrees centigrade.

pellmansack.jpg (28376 bytes) The material is then transferred to a large oven type drier to evaporate most of the remaining moisture. 

At this stage the product is ready for milling into 3mm pellets to produce an easily handled and applied fertiliser. 

This is then filled into our recycled air tight 7kg containers and 14kg bags.  

The fact ours is the only Soil Association Certified fertiliser of its type ensures a constant quality monitored product.

Rooster Organic Manure, being a Natural Organic manure, is safe to use on all plants.  It can be incorporated with top soil and watered in if applied during dry spells.  Being of a nuetral pH, Rooster Organic Manure may be used for Ericaceous Plants such as Azaleas, Ericas, Camellias and Rhododendrons.  

In addition to supplying Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potash and Calcium, the following trace elements are also found available in Rooster Organic Manure:- Sulphur, Boron, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Iron and Manganese.


Rooster Lawn Crumb - Organic Lawn Fertiliser (as used on International rugby pitches and Championship golf courses), is a special blend of poultry manure sourced locally from non-battery hens and seaweed harvested off of the British coast from sustainable sources.

Rooster Lawn Crumb will not scorch and does not have to be watered after application. The added seaweed will help give a greener colour and improve the grass root structure thus adding to drought resistance during dry spells.

Rooster Lawn Crumb can be applied by hand or with standard lawn spreaders. It is available in a 5kg tub which covers up to 120sq. yards and a 10kg sack that will cover up to 240 sq. yards.
Rooster Liquid Organic Fertiliser is being launched for the coming season to meet huge customer demand. 

While the pellets can be dissolved overnight - our customers are asking for a more readily available organic source of feed for greenhouse crops, roses etc. 

To this end a completely new purpose designed plant is currently being installed to provide a Rooster Tomato Booster and Rooster Bloom. 

We intend to market these products competitively priced against the chemical alternatives so the customer can grow organically without having to pay a premium for these benefits. 

It seems from our research organic feeds of this nature are not available at the moment and feel a Rooster Tomato/Rose fertiliser could have a very good potential to meet the increasing demand from customers wishing to grow organically. 

The containers will be 1 Iitre and 2 litre respectively.

Rooster Aqua Shell An attractive decorative covering / mulch for raised beds, pots and containers, made from washed, crushed seashells. As well as being decorative it also acts as a slug and snail deterrent.
Rooster Aqua Shell is not produced from any shells collected from beaches, it is a by-product of the fishing industry and is therefore environmentally frendly. It is steam cleaned and crushed before being packed in convenient 10kg bags ready for use.

Available in a 10kg sack.
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